Design Studio

Duke Design Studio offer a range of creative design and development services; from initial design strategy & product planning through concept generation & product styling to clay modelling and prototyping.

Design Services

The scope and budget of every project is different. Our approach, therefore, is one of total flexibility. Each of our services can be utilized to supplement your development process, or in partnership with our network of collaborators; we can provide a fully managed 'turn-key' product from concept to manufacture.

Product Planning & Research

Successful concept design requires an in-depth and intuitive understanding of the market. Studying sales statistics can reveal only a tiny window into the complex European/NA/Asia market.
We are constantly engaged in the market, conducting comparative product analysis, target user reviews, trend prediction and strategic market positioning for our customers.
Duke Design Studio designers have a real passion and empathy for the market which can only come from years as enthusiasts. This intimate knowledge can identify niches in the market and make the difference between a good product and a great product.

Concept Design

The design process identifies the direction the product will take, by exploring a wide range of ideas. Although the emphasis at the this stage is on creativity, ‘real world’ practicalities are also in mind. This ensures that all proposed concepts are not only innovative and exciting ideas, but have a sound basis for development and manufacture.
2D visualizations can be used for internal appraisal of a concept and market research before progression into 3D development, and later used in promotional material.

Model Making

Full size 3D clay models are created to automotive quality standards in order to realise and refine styling in a physical context. They offer an unsurpassed real-world evaluation advantage by creating tangible product models that can be photographed, touched and sat on.
Clays can be digitized for CAD development and used to develop finished ‘hard models’ for use in trade shows or promotional activities where final product mock ups may be required.

Engineering & Production

Duke Design Studio can work equally well with your in-house Engineering team or with our trusted Engineering partners. Our network partners can provide complete engineering services, including technical benchmarking, initial layout, chassis and power-train engineering, prototype construction, homologation and pre-production.
Duke Design Studio liaise with Engineers throughout the process to ensure smooth transition from concept to production, ensuring accurate translation with minimal loss of design integrity.

Automobile Colour, Trim and Graphics

Colour, graphics and trim form an important part in targeting a product to it's potential market. It is often a cost effective method of product differentiation; broadening a product line, re-branding, creating special editions or keeping a long running model in line with trends.
Duke Design Studio have experience in specifying paint, material finish options and decal / sticker design for the complex forms often found in vehicle design.
Our dedicated graphics department can also provide promotional graphic design such as brochures, advertising and website design.