The side skirts blades, the vertical floating fin design extension in repeated.  This extension sits on the front wheels to the control airflow, and in front of the rear wheels is another matching flare for subtle aggression and with expansion.


Our front lip are designed to decrease drag and turbulence. This significantly increases down-force and the stability of the front end at high speeds by directing the air away reducing frontal pressure. Paired with our active aero wing, and side skirts blades, these components will surely set your vehicle apart from the pack.

AVENTADOR - Wing Spoiler

Our Aventador Wing spoiler works harmoniously with the factory active aero dynamics in all modes. The two-piece ultra rigid carbon fiber autoclave wing element replaces OEM deck lid for complete bolt-on integration. The wing uprights brackets are available in aluminum or a full carbon fiber version that mounts from the top of the wing blade for increased stability.

AVENTADOR SV Aerodynamics kit

We added the front splitter and side panels to enhance the styling of the Aventador SV.