Aventador Front Lip

Our front lip are designed to decrease drag and turbulence. This significantly increases down-force and the stability of the front end at high speeds by directing the air away reducing frontal pressure. Paired with our active aero wing, and side skirts blades, these components will surely set your vehicle apart from the pack.

DUKE DYNAMICS engineering and design teams spent countless hours perfecting the aerodynamic properties and aesthetic details of the entire FRONT splillter assembly. In order to properly develop such a superior product; DUKE DYNAMICS utilized 3D laser scanning, the latest in CAD surfacing technology, and rapid prototyping via industry leading CNC machines.


  • Prepreg is widely known as the finest process in carbon fiber manufacturing and has been used for aerospace and military applications because of its superior consistency in weight, thickness, fitment, resin, carbon layout, and overall quality.
  • The pre-impregnated (prepreg) fiber method creates stiffer, stronger laminates with controllable, predictable results and the result is a consistent, tight fiber weave which not only looks amazing, but adds strength. Other companies use a lower cost, wet-layup method which results in components of inferior, strength, appearance and overall quality.
  • To explain this process in short, the fiber is pre-impregnated with resin at a production facility, rolled on spools, and frozen to prevent the resin from curing prematurely. This material is than cut and hand laid into a mold to the proper thickness and cured at strictly controlled temperatures. This process creates a laminate with a precisely controlled resin volume and in turn is 20-30% stiffer and stronger than an equivalent thickness wet laminate process.
  • This ensures our customers receive components which not only look good on the vehicle standing still, but won’t crack, warp, fall off or fade when mounted to the exterior of their vehicle after six months or while driving at high speed